Marshall Gittler

Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Education

ACLS Global Limited

Marshall Gittler is a high-profile strategist, investment specialist, and economist with a successful track record at leading investment banks and in private wealth management.He has worked at Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and UBS, among other major banks. 

He’s been a rated analyst in both FX and fixed income and is well versed in equities and alternative assets besides.

He is an experienced analyst of global economies and markets with particular expertise in Asia. He is particularly well known in China for his frequent appearances on CCTV’s (China FX show – I”ll have to find out what the name of the show is in Chinese.) In China he was popularly referred to in the press as “Uncle Marshall” ®

Now Marshall is a partner in a new company that’s making waves:  ACLS Global

ACLS Global Limited was created on the principle of bringing together a team of experts from the Retail & Institutional Forex World. Headed by the World renowned Forex Analyst Marshall Gittler and other analysts from around the globe, this combination alone boasts 6 decades of successful analysis and trading in currencies!

Marshall is the Chief Strategist and Head of Education at ACLS Global. In this capacity, he writes daily comments on the FX market and gives his views on the major currencies. In addition, Marshall is creating a library of educational videos to teach traders about the FX market. They start with the assumption of no prior knowledge and work up to higher level techniques for trading and analysis. Download the ACLS Global app from the Google Play Store and benefit from his insights into the FX market every day!